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House Washing & Painting

Our team of professionals will thoroughly clean your exterior walls, removing dirt, moss and red algae, before painting them with highly durable weather resistant exterior house paint. We typically apply two coats of paint to ensure your house exterior looks great and is well protected into the future.

Restore Old Driveways

If your driveway is faded, cracked, has weeds growing up through it or just has seen better days then we are the team to call. We clean, repair and seal tarmac, concrete or paved driveways, returning them to their former glory while providing you with years more hard wearing use.

Sealing Tarmac

It is inevitable that cracks will appear in your tarmac over time, giving prime access to weeds. Moss growth, leaf debris and just the build up of dirt over the years can degrade your tarmac. We clean and seal tarmac, renewing it, preventing further damage and hindering any weed or moss regrowth for years to come.

Roof Cleaning

Leaf debris, bird waste, moss and just dirty rain can all add up to a filthy roof in just a few short years. We carry out a soft wash roof cleaning, helping to return your roof to its former glory while also helping to prevent and tile or water damage.

Roof Painting

Get your roof repainted, either returning your faded tiles to their original colour or even choosing a new colour if you like. As well as increasing the kerb appeal of your home, roof painting will also help protect your roof.

Driveway Cleaning

Tarmac, concrete and brick paved driveways can all be expertly cleaned. Dirt, weeds and moss growth can be expertly removed, any cracks or damage repaired and then a top seal coat applied to give your driveway the long term protection your home deserves.

Steam Cleaning

We use special professional grade soft wash steam cleaners for most of our exterior property cleaning tasks. These provide exceptional deep cleaning ability without using either high pressure water jets, or harmful detergents, that can cause damage to your property or garden.

Pathway Cleaning

Garden paths cleaned of dirt, grime and slime. Make sure your concrete, tarmac or paved paths are clean and slip risk free with a good thorough deep clean.

Patio Cleaning

We can clean your patio, resand and rejoint it, before applying a high grader sealer to prevent any future weed growth or damage. We work with all types of paving blocks and slabs. Your patio should be somewhere you want to spend your time, and not be a dirty, slipping hazard that you avoid.